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Blue trees lift the blues

The Strezlecki Track is one of the most remote and desolate areas of Australia. In ideal conditions it takes a good 14 hours to get there if you were to drive from Adelaide in South Australia in a 4WD. A few months ago while driving along the track I came across a solitary dead gum tree, devoid of all its foliage painted sky blue. Why? I would ask myself in a conversation with my mind over and over again.

After all, while this area of the world has a certain rugged and naked beauty it is not the type of place where you would sit down and paint for the hell of it. But apparently you do and there is a solid reason behind painting not only this tree but thousands of others too.

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Coronavirus hits Australia as doctors prepare for influx of patients.

Australian doctors are calling on the federal government to urgently open the nation’s emergency medical mask stockpile as clinics around the country prepare for a possible surge of coronavirus infections.

The masks are needed to stop patients with the virus spreading the disease. But Australia’s summer of bushfires means they are sold out across the country. Hundreds of thousands of the masks have been handed out in recent months as the air quality in many areas became so poor people were in danger of severe respiratory problems. It is estimated there are some 10-million masks in storage at the moment.

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