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Australian airlines ban some dogs following spate of deaths.

It is a pet owners worst nightmare and after five deaths both Qantas and Virgin Australia have pulled the plug on transporting ‘snub’ nosed dogs.

A Shar Pei, French Mastiff and British Bulldog cross, died during a four-hour flight from Darwin to Brisbane. Two other snub-nosed dogs have died on Qantas flights within the last month, including a six year old boxer, reportedly left on the tarmac in extreme heat, and a one-year-old bulldog which died during a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. Virgin will indefinitely ban boxers, bulldogs and pugs from its flights following the death of two dogs in transit last month.

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The long haul – London to Sydney. Can it be done non-stop?

More years ago than I care to remember I flew from London to Auckland in New Zealand, a distance of 11,386 miles or 18,176 kilometres. It was a long journey interrupted by stops in Zurich, New Delhi, Singapore, Darwin and Sydney. With stops it took over 48 hours and I arrived utterly exhausted not knowing whether I was up or down. Similarly a few years ago and following a visit to England I flew back to my home in Adelaide (South Australia) and arrived once again exhausted and still on London time. On this journey there was only one stop in Kuala Lumpur but that stop lasted six long and boring hours and once again the time stretched – about 30 hours. All of that might be about to change with Australia’s national airline QANTAS contemplating flying from London to Sydney (17,800 kilometres) without stopping in a time of 20 hours. Maybe!

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