Here we go again – the royal roundabout.

I don’t give a toss about the Royal family but I appreciate the hard work done by the Queen and some of her family. By and large though most of them are a waste of space bleating about their financial and mental problems while sucking on the public monetary teat.

One can’t help but wonder whether this current fiasco is history repeating itself. In 1936,  King Edward VIII told the world and his stunned, born to rule British Empire that he was abdicating to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Off they go……

In those days when divorce was seen as a social barrier Mrs Simpson hadn’t been married once but twice, oh the shock and horror – and she was American to boot. The combination of political and religious tension over Mrs Simpson’s past, and what was perceived as her unpopularity in the United Kingdom once news of the planned marriage broke, led to Edward’s abdication and his journey into exile, initially in the Bahamas, and later in France.

And now we find Harry and his American born wife are headed for Canada in order to get a life and drag themselves away from the pomposity and media glare of being part of the Royal family. Good luck to them. They will need it. If they think for one moment that escaping to North America is going to take them out of the media glare and frenzy they are sadly mistaken. Like it or not they will still be a headline story, particularly as their young son grows up.

The British media thrives on a royal scandal and that is how the tabloid press see this latest announcement; a betrayal of all they have been given.

Let us not forget we have seen this soap opera before and the Windsors never forgive. It was felt the ascent to power hastened the death of Edward’s brother, the Queen’s father, the late King George VI, and then of course there was the rather vacuous Diana who knew how to play the media game but like her son tried to escape once she was no longer part of the royal establishment. She forgot that once you join ‘the firm’ you never leave it in the eyes of the press and you become a human headline. So too will Harry and Megan – they have no choice and if they think otherwise they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

And the consequences of getting out are not always easy to live with. While it could be said the Windsors lived happily ever after, it was the Windsors who were haunted by both the gulf which came to exist between the branches of the family, and the greatly diminished prestige of their new lives.

And when I say the British media has turned on them consider this little piece: Broadcaster Piers Morgan, an outspoken critic of the pair, labelled them “the two most spoilt brats in history” in a particularly spikey column in UK tabloid The Daily Mail — a sister masthead of the Mail on Sunday against which Harry and Meghan have launched legal action.

He called upon Queen Elizabeth to “fire Their Royal Hustlers”.

“… at the age of 93, and with her 98-year-old husband Prince Philip suffering ill health, she’s [the Queen] had to suffer the repulsively rude indignity of being treated like a piece of insignificant dirt by her own spoiled brat grandson and his scheming, selfish D-list actress wife,” he wrote.

Wow! The first 17 pages of Thursday’s Daily Mail were devoted to the story. The Daily Mirror, a left-leaning newspaper, was also scathing of the move, saying Harry was guilty of hypocrisy.

“Harry has selfishly turned his back on the institution she has fought to modernise and secure for him and his children,” chief feature writer Rachael Bletchley wrote.

And now we learn that Megan has flown back to Canada. They have a long road ahead and in short – they quit.

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